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SoCoWorld is an all-in-one platform for schools, daycares and camps. It aims to nurture a child’s ability and interests through meaningful engagement between schools, parents and the community.

What we do

Empower Your

Each element of the SoCo Learning Circle is empowered to focus on what they do best and deliver efficiently... all the while creating moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Engage with

Take the anxiety out! With SoCo, parents will never miss a moment of their child and will be engaged in their child’s learning as never before.


Your own online campus, accessible on the device of your choice. At SoCo, we listen and take innovation seriously to be, as Wayne Gretzky quoted, ‘where the puck will be’.

One Platform that Does it All – Securely, Conveniently and in a Way You Will Love

Your Own Online Campus

Communicate- Privately or with the Whole Campus

Create Lifetime Moments

Automate Daily Reports

Create Newsletters, Review and Publish

Create Events and Manage Sign-ups

Check-in, Check-out

Manage Your Calendar

Have your Own Milestone Based Curriculum

Real-Time School Metrics

No More Paper- On Device of Your Choice

One Platform

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